Creating beautiful events with a stint of distinction

We create events where beauty meets with creativity!

Handling stress and anxiety with ease

Choose the date and let’s do the rest!

Your smiles mean a lot to us

It’s your day, we can all smile together!

The synergy of our core values will make your events remarkable

At TemiTee Events, our team brings dedication, diligence, and distinction to the desk for effective event management.


From the maiden meeting with our team to the end of the event, our event experts invest energy, grit and commitment so you can achieve the results you desire.


Exceptional events require logistics, analysis, planning and research. Our event planners draw from their wealth of experience coupled with resilience to add beauty to your day.



Every event handled by us has a touch of creativity at its peak. The culture of excellence in our team yields outstanding results through effective execution.

Our Services

The full spectrum of our services will cover the needs of your event

We cater for several types of events and our flawless execution will surpass your expectations.

Corporate Events

Family Events

Industry Events

Are you ready to create memorable experiences?

At TemiTee Events, all you need is to choose a date for your event and leave the rest to us. We will work closely with you and your team to birth the results you desire

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