We are TemiTee Events

We create beautiful events with lovely moments.

About Us

Events are parts of our daily engagements and our brains are designed with spaces to store the memorable moments. Interestingly, that’s how we are wired. The human senses gravitate towards events with an aura of appreciation for the aesthetic appeal and gratitude for the marvelous magnificence.
Events come in different sizes. There are various types of events ranging from corporate events to industry-driven conferences to special events organized to commemorate the celebration of personalities. To make events colorful and satisfying for both the attendants and the hosts; it requires grit, energy, and loads of preparation. 
Crafting remarkable events that remain as a residue of pleasure on the lips of everyone can be an arduous task. The logistics, analysis, planning and research can be a source of stress but at TemiTee Events, we are experts at creating exceptional events at affordable prices. 

Who We Are

TemiTee Events is an independent organization with a specialty in organizing and planning events. We are a group of expert event planners well-versed in the dynamics of events planning and can manage the cumbersome logistics associated with all types of events. Our core values are dedication, diligence, and distinction. 

What We Do

We work closely with teams and individuals in the planning and organizing of events. We specialize in Industry Events, Family Events, and Corporate Events.

Corporate Events

Our event planners understand the need for events to reinforce the brand of the company. Let’s handle your events: Opening ceremonies, Conference banquets, and Dinners.

Family Events

Amidst family members, special days call for spectacular celebrations. Call us for your family events: Birthday parties, Wedding receptions, Baby Showers, and Bridal Showers.

Industry Events

When you work with us, we create an atmosphere of elegance, excellence, and euphoria for your guests. Let’s add beauty to your events: product launches, promotional events and trade fairs.

Where We Are

We are currently based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Are you ready to create memorable experiences?

At TemiTee Events, all you need is to choose a date for your event and leave the rest to us. We will work closely with you and your team to birth the results you desire

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